How to Write a Great Sports Grant

Writing a great sports grant application is tremendously rewarding when it all comes off and your Club project becomes reality.
But it is a detailed process! You have to put together the right documents and you have to plan it all out. It can be an effort.
We’ve put together a few tips to make the process a little easier and to assist you and your sporting Club to develop a great sports grant application.


Determine exactly what you want the grant for.

Is it sporting equipment?
Is it facility upgrades such as improvements to your club house or changerooms?
Is it infrastructure such as sports lighting or scoreboards?
Most grants tend to favour a single project being funded rather than multiple projects so try to stay focused on what will bring the most benefit to the Club.
This helps when you are explaining why you need the grant and establish the strength of your case.


If you devote time into writing a sports grant application, how frustrating it would be to discover you were excluded from the start!
Carefully review grant application guidelines to ensure you know whether your Club is eligible to apply for funding.
Don’t hesitate to contact the relevant sports grant authority to ask them whether you are eligible.


Become familiar with all the documents related to the application.

Especially important is knowing the application opening and closing dates – don’t get caught out by not getting your application in on time OR having a half done application because time ran out.
Set yourself a timetable from the start with milestone dates so you know you are on track


Almost certainly you will need quotes and you need to work on this early in the process. This is not something that can be done in the final days before the closing date. Depending on the complexity of your project a supplier may take a week or more to prepare a quote.
It’s important to not inflate costs and obtain accurate pricing. For instance, if you are applying for a sports infrastructure grant for a new scoreboard, obtain a quote from a reputable Australian scoreboard manufacturer.

Seek out quotes as early as you can.


In many instances a sports grant application is more likely to succeed if the project is co-funded. Other funding sources could include:

Local councils
Other government departments (State and Federal)
Club member donations (particularly if they own businesses)
Local members of Parliament
Local business sponsors such as sporting goods stores, licensed Clubs and Pubs.
Some grant applications require letters of support. Connect with your sporting community and demonstrate how a grant will benefit them.
If they are in support, the more valuable your application can become.
You should also aim to include supporting evidence and statistics regarding the need and benefits the grant will deliver. If your project will foster sporting participation then you may be able to demonstrate benefits to the whole community.


Your application must be realistic. Can you show that a great project will be delivered for the amount of the sporting grant you are seeking?
You must have a budget that is detailed, cost-effective and well thought out.
This helps to provide a compelling case why your sporting grant application should be accepted.


Make sure you address all aspects of the grant application requirements.
This may include:

  • Club background and detailed project description
  • Project objectives
  • Project benefits – both for your sports club, members / players, and also the broader local community
  • How your project matches the purpose of the grant
  • Detailed project budget
  • Project timeframe and key deliverables
  • How you will measure the project’s success


ports grant funding is highly competitive so ensure you write your grant with your audience in mind.
As well as addressing all requirements, you should:

Build a strong case and consider how your application will stand out from others
Check again the guidelines for the grant application. What is the important outcome the sports grant decision makers are looking for? Is it the benefits to your club? Or the benefits to the local community? Or the value for money?
Communicate your project with passion while still being factual and concise.
Use spell check and avoid vague writing
Ensure others proof-read the application and use any grant application checklists provided
Respond promptly to questions or requests for further information
Grant writing takes time and dedication and is often an underappreciated job in many sporting organisations.

By following our sports grant writing tips we hope the process will be a little easier. You will certainly be thrilled when your Club is successful and a great project is delivered.


An alternate approach can be to use a professional grants writer. They bring experience and knowledge that you may not have and don’t have the time to develop. You can ask them whether their fee can be included as a part of the grant application. If you choose this path you need to act quickly as the time required may be significant.

If you need a fast and detailed electronic scoreboard quote to support your sports club grant application, please contact the AusSport Scoreboard team!


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