Rugby Union Scoreboards

Rugby Union Scoreboards

AusSport has a great range of large fixed, video and portable rugby union scoreboards that you can easily move between your fields and store away when not in use.  Your team logo and colours are included as part of your scoreboard design, and we can also customise a scoreboard to suit your specific requirements.  

Manufactured in our Australian workshop by our experienced technicians, our scoreboards are quality tested to ensure they are built tough to endure the tough Australian climate.  

If your rugby union club has limited funds, a DIY scoreboard could be a great option. We provide clear and simple instructions to construct your scoreboard. So if you are enthusiastic and have a few helpers, you can save on installation costs on a new scoreboard. 

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Scoreboard FAQs

Figure out how far away your spectators will be from the scoreboard location. Ideally you will want those spectators to be able to clearly see the scores or time left.

If your scoreboard digits are too small then the effectiveness of your purchase is greatly reduced. For example if your spectators are 100 metres away you should use 300mm as the smallest height.

AusSport can provide you with a great viewing chart showing the distance away for various height digits. Just contact our friendly team to send you the chart.

You definitely don’t want to change the location of the scoreboard after it is installed! So it is important to take time and choose the location carefully. It needs to be clearly seen by spectators. That sounds obvious but we have seen a number of installations where that was not the result.

The optimum location is directly opposite the grandstand or location where most people gather to watch the sport.

Keep in mind sun orientation at the time when the majority of sport is being played. AusSport scoreboards are amongst the brightest in the industry but it is better if you can shade the scoreboard from direct early morning or late afternoon sunlight.

Make sure trees or structures are not in your sight lines to the spectators. Keep in mind your scoreboard will be a few metres above your eyeline when you stand at the location. Ideally you should have a ladder or other vertical access equipment on site so you can fully confirm the scoreboard will be clearly seen by the spectators.

You should consider where is the available power when deciding the location of your new scoreboard.

It is expensive to do long runs of trenching and cable. It may be possible to utilize a power circuit that is used for lighting towers although you should seek expert electrical advice on this. It is very important that the scoreboard is connected to a clean source of power.

We have a very handy battery powered solution for our smaller boards. This is often used with a trolley for the scoreboard so it is completely mobile.

NB Running the scoreboard from a generator is not recommended and potentially can void your warranty. If you ever have an emergency requirement please contact us on the correct device to use.

AusSport offers a complete service to supply and construct your scoreboard. You won’t have to worry about a thing. We arrange all the services and make everything happen for you.

Many volunteer clubs have limited funds but they do have willing volunteers and sometimes they have great expertise and access to the required  material. If that is your Club then a DIY approach is a great solution. You or members of your Club can fabricate the structure, arrange the concretor and arrange to have the scoreboard lifted into place.

AusSport will guide you through the whole process from start to finish. Keep in mind you will always need to have professional engineering certification for your scoreboard construction.

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Easy! We employ a full time graphic designer and have a complete printing shop. We work closely with you to produce artwork to be applied to your board. Logo’s, Club colours, memoriam messages are all possible because of our unique capability.


You have the option of a  powdercoated trolley purpose built to match your scoreboard. Riding on generous pneumatic tyres and fitted with stabilising arms and convenient handles these trolleys make it simple to wheel the scoreboard in and out of storage.

Combine the trolley with our battery pack and you have the complete mobile solution.