Government Digital Signage

AusSport offers a great range of Outdoor and Indoor Signs and Screens to suit just about every level of government. If you are a building contractor, architect or manager looking for government digital signage to instantly communicate your info to the world we have the solution.

We only use high quality, reliable LED or TV suppliers, we have the software and control systems to ensure you and your staff always are on top of what displays on your outdoor or indoor screens.

Choose from the categories below to view our range or contact the friendly AusSport team today for a fast quote or advice.

We supply, deliver and install to save you all the hard work OR if you prefer we can advise you on the install process.

Features include:

  • World class sign and screen management software
  • Update and review your LED indoor or outdoor sign securely from anywhere in the world
  • Supports video display
  • Instant communication of your brand and important messaging to your community.
  • Various screen resolutions – P6 to P1.8
  • Sign can be any size or choose from our standard sizes.
  • Software can control existing screens in conjunction with new screens.
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LED Signs and Screens FAQs

A pixel is a physical point in an image ie. one single dot.

Pixel pitch is the measurement (in millimetres) between each of these dots (or pixels). For example a P6 sign or screen has 6mm between each pixel.

The smaller the P number the better the resolution of screens of the same size and the higher the cost per metre.

Smaller pixel pitch or P number is not always necessary or right for your installation. It depends on how far away your viewers are.  The further away you get the more a screen becomes one large image – you can’t see individual pixels.

In general pixel pitches of between P6 (6mm) to P16(16mm) are common for outdoor signs.

Indoor displays have a much smaller pixel pitch than their outdoor counterparts. The current manufacturing limit for indoor displays is around P1.0 (meaning 1.0mm between each pixel) – again this is constantly changing. The pixel pitch in general use for indoor displays range from P2.5 (2.5mm) up to P6 (6mm)

Yes and NO

An LED screen displays video or broadcast images just like a TV does so in that sense it is the same.

The big difference is in brightness. LED screens are orders of magnitude brighter than a TV.

Screen brightness is measured in nits

Outdoor signs and screens can be 10000 nits and indoor LED screens can be 5-6000 nits. Compare that to current TV technology where 1000 nits is claimed by some manufacturers.

This means an LED screen can be seen from a distance away and all lighting conditions including full sun.

This is an important question because there are a number of rules and regulations surrounding the use of LED signs and screens when they are facing a roadway.

The main restriction is that no video can be shown to distract drivers. This also means that the rate of transition from one fixed image to another cannot be less than 5 seconds (this may vary in different states or local government areas)

At AusSport we have become very familiar with the regulations over the years so feel free to contact us if you have a specific question.