Complete Guide to Digital Scoreboards

These days digital scoreboards play an integral role in professional and semi-professional sporting events. They are also a great choice for non-profit community sporting clubs and teams.

Types of Digital Scoreboards

The most popular digital scoreboards are, broadly speaking:

digital scoreboard AusSport Scoreboards1. Numeric Digital Scoreboards

Although not all parts of a numeric digital scoreboard can be controlled electronically, they still offer the ability to display lots of electronic options including scores, team names, key stats, and software-controlled sirens. Other parts of the scoreboard are fixed but can still be used to display print-style logos or sponsor messages. Because of their relative simplicity, this form of digital scoreboard tends to be a less expensive and simpler to control.

Numeric digit digital scoreboards can be installed permanently at a sports ground either free-standing or on a building. Smaller scoreboards can be made portable on a trolley to allow them to move between fields or courts and then safely stored away after use. When these scoreboards are combined with a battery power option they give complete mobility and flexibility.

2. LED and Digital Scoreboards

LED and video scoreboards are the more technically advanced form of digital scoreboards. They are often a more expensive option, but for good reason. They look fantastic, can display any content you want, and provide an opportunity to better monetise your audience through video ads and sponsorship messages. They can also engage your spectators with content such as live action replays.

Digital Scoreboard Considerations

There are a number of considerations when determining the right scoreboard for your club and venue, including:

Scoreboard Price

Digital scoreboard prices vary widely and depend on numerous factors discussed below. Simple numeric digital scoreboards for outdoor use start at approximately $6000 and then prices increase as you add features and complexity. The most expensive scoreboards are large outdoor LED video scoreboards which can cost $150,000 or more, depending on factors like screen size and resolution.

Volunteer sporting groups can, and should, take advantage of local, state and federal government grants offered in Australia. It’s important to write a great sports grant submission to support your proposal.

Scoreboard Price influences

  • Location
    Will your scoreboard be located indoors or outdoors? Outdoor scoreboards need to be more durable and are designed to cope with all weather conditions.
  • Size
    The scoreboard size influences manufacturing costs and ultimately will affect installation costs. The number of LED’s on the scoreboard also affects these costs.
  • Technology – Numeric v LED and video scoreboards
    As mentioned above, LED and video scoreboards are more sophisticated in terms of construction and technology, therefore also more expensive.
  • Features
    Does your numerical scoreboard require only basic features (e.g. time, team names and scores) or would you like additional features such as game statistics, scrolling character messages and wireless controller). Similarly, LED scoreboards can display everything from basic team logos, times and scores. A LED screen can also display stunning high resolution video, sponsors messages or ground announcements.
  • Power source
    Would you prefer mains power (that may involve digging trenches and running cables) or would a portable battery pack be preferable.
  • Type of controller and software
    Controllers vary from simple handheld wireless controllers to sophisticated scoring software and wireless interfaces.
  • Importance of creating sponsorship / revenue opportunities
    Obviously large LED and video scoreboard screens create far greater promotional opportunities for your club, advertisers and sponsors as messages look great and can be fully tailored.
  • Spectator experience
    How important is the spectator experience? Does everyone need to be able to see the scoreboard? (ideally, YES!) Are you trying to wow the crowd with a sophisticated video scoreboard or are you after a simple portable numeric scoreboard than can be moved between junior games?
  • Installation costs
    Installation costs vary, depending on the scoreboard location, mains power requirements, scoreboard size, labour costs and any additional materials. An option for volunteer sporting clubs on a budget is a DIY installation. Clubs who have limited funds and capable volunteers can install their own scoreboard.

How Digital Scoreboards work

Digital scoreboards actually work quite simply. They are all based on LEDs. An LED is an electronic device that has the wonderful ability to emit light when an electrical current flows through it. A digital scoreboard is made up of many LEDs.  It is simply a matter of sending current to the LEDs in the right sequence to show the scores or other information. Of course there is quite a lot of technical equipment involved to make that right sequence happen.

Even the video or LED scoreboards that have hundreds of thousands of LEDs still work on the same principle of just turning those LEDs on or off at the right time.

Scoreboard Controllers

Digital scoreboards can be controlled via mobile phone apps, laptop programs or dedicated wireless handheld controllers, depending on requirements and type of scoreboard. Usually these come with the scoring software installed.

Need a digital scoreboard quote?

These days, scoreboards are an essential part of the sporting experience, and the evolution of scoreboards now means clubs and venues can provide fantastic, engaging and interactive digital scoreboard experiences at a reasonable cost.

For expert advice and a fast quote on a new digital scoreboard, contact the friendly AusSport team. We have a great range of digital scoreboards to suit every budget and sport – everything from small, portable scoreboards to sophisticated LED video scoreboards.

Our scoreboards are designed and manufactured in our Australian workshop, and we carefully test every scoreboard to ensure it meets our quality standards. Club colours and your club (or sponsor’s logo) are included in the design, and we can even customise a board to suit your specific requirements, or provide DIY installation instructions for clubs on a budget.


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