Do we need a portable or fixed scoreboard?

Electronic scoreboards have become really affordable in recent years, and are a great choice for both professional and non-profit community sports and teams. They can motivate the team and spectators alike, and help your club and venue look more professional.

A question often asked by sports clubs interested in purchasing an electronic scoreboard, is whether a portable or fixed scoreboard will suit them best.

We discuss the benefits and limitations of both to help you make an informed decision and the right choice for you and your Club.

Benefits of Portable Scoreboards


The biggest advantage of portable scoreboards is their flexibility. They can easily be moved between fields and courts, making them a great choice for schools and clubs with multiple fields or courts. You can put them away when not in use, protecting them from vandalism and the elements.


Portable scoreboards are generally less expensive than fixed scoreboards. They are a great option for clubs on a budget or for schools and clubs who need a second board for junior sport or for occasional use.

Simple Installation

Unlike fixed scoreboards, portable scoreboards are simple to set up. They do not require complex installation, saving both time, effort, and additional money.


By adding a battery option to a portable scoreboard there is no need to be close to electricity outlets, making them a perfect choice for locations where running power is just not a viable option. (Larger boards may not have a battery option).

Portable scoreboards can be used for different sports, depending on their design. This makes them a valuable and versatile option for clubs and schools that run multiple sporting events across different locations.

Limitations of Portable Scoreboards


Portable scoreboards are close to the ground so they may not be as visible to all spectators on a large field or in a big venue.


Portable scoreboards by necessity are mounted on some form of trolley. Depending on size, this makes the combined trolley and scoreboard reasonably heavy. If the trolley is poorly designed, then the scoreboard will not be easy to move around the ground. It also may be unstable on sloping or uneven ground.

Well-designed trolleys should have pneumatic tyres with at least two tyres providing steering, appropriately sized structural support, accessible handle, stowable stabilising legs and a low centre of gravity.

Power Source

If a portable scoreboard is over a certain size, there will not be a battery option to support it. This will mean the scoreboard is restricted to wherever power is accessible.

Benefits of Fixed Scoreboards

Size Options

Portable scoreboards have a size limit related to weight, trolley stability and storage limitations. In contrast, there is no limit to size options for a fixed scoreboard (except for the space available to install it!).


Generally, if installed correctly a fixed scoreboard will be seen by all spectators at a ground or venue as it is above the heads of the players and the spectators. It also is less of a hazard to spectators as they can’t trip over the scoreboard when there are only two posts in the ground (for free standing scoreboards) or nothing at all for wall or roof mounted boards.


Permanent branding is possible with a fixed scoreboard. Sponsor or School/Club signage directly on some scoreboards is possible. With other scoreboards additional signage could be above or below the scoreboard. This provides a visual reminder to all viewers about the organisation or provides an avenue to obtain sponsor support for the Club.


Fixed scoreboards are likely to be installed and run from mains power, eliminating the need for battery packs. This eliminates the need to purchase batteries and manage battery recharging.


Larger fixed scoreboards also offer the option of choosing a great LED and video scoreboard. Not only can these screens display team logos, times and scores, but they also offer stunning high-resolution video, sponsor messages and announcements.

Limitations of Fixed Scoreboards

Installation Cost

Installation costs vary, depending on the scoreboard location, mains power requirements, scoreboard size, labour costs and any additional materials. Regardless, installation costs are inevitably more expensive when compared to portable scoreboards.

Less Flexibility

In comparison to portable scoreboards, given their static position, fixed scoreboards offer less flexibility. They can’t be moved between fields or courts, nor can they be stored away when not in use.


Unlike portable scoreboards that can be safely stored and locked up between games, fixed scoreboards are more vulnerable to vandalism and accidental damage. A roller shutter is the best answer to this, although it adds to the cost of the installation.

Interested in purchasing a portable or fixed scoreboard?

AusSport Scoreboards designs and builds portable and fixed scoreboards with quality and durability in mind. Our scoreboards are built tough for the harsh Australian conditions using fully welded aluminium internal frame, external Colorbond steel capping, and they are waterproof and sunproof.

We offer scoreboards for a huge range of sports and can also custom design a scoreboard to your requirements. We also provide expert advice to help you select the best scoreboard for your specific needs and budget. Remember, whether you opt for a portable or fixed scoreboard, the goal is to enhance the experience for both your players and spectators.


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